Welcome to Mt. Asahidake! Here the rugged mountain slope and the mystical marsh landscape of Sugatami Pond sprawl out before your eyes.
In the area adjacent to Sugatami Pond you can enjoy lush fields of alpine flowers in summer and mountain ridges covered in crimson foliage in autumn.
This is a superb location to command an excellent view of the Daisetsu Mountain Range.
A few short steps from Sugatami Ropeway Station and you find yourself in an alpine meadow high above the cloud zone.
Here you can enjoy a refreshing stroll through the great outdoors as you walk along the 1.7km-long promenade trail.

The Daisetsu Mountain Range, the largest chain of mountains in Japan (in terms of total area)
Mt. Daisetsu is the general name given to a group of several 2,000m-class mountains located almost in the very center of Hokkaido which span out for nearly 50 km - the highest peak being Mt. Asahidake (2,291m). With a total area of 230,000 ha, Mt. Daisetsu comprises Japan's largest mountain terrain in terms of area.
The Daisetsu Mountain Range also features the largest scale of nature in Japan
As the Daisetsu Mountain Range is situated at a more northern latitude than Honshu, its alpine environment is similar to the 3,000m-class mountains found on the main island, and its plant groups are well known for their diversity and scale - resembling an enormous outdoor garden sprawling with flowers. The Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, admired its beauty so much they named it kamuimintara, meaning "the garden of the gods."
From spring tidings to crimson foliage, the seasonal beauty enchants all who visit here
Spring arrives in the Mt. Asahidake region in June. Around this time, rare alpine flora species begin to appear on the hillsides and forests of Erman's birch become ever more verdant with each passing day. In early July, all of the alpine plants found here rival each other to express their natural beauty and the vast mountain area is covered in a fantasia of colors. By August, signs of autumn begin to approach. And from September through October, fall's crescendo reaches its peak as the entire area is tinted in red and orange hues.
View a spectrum of colors found in Mother Nature from your ropeway window vantage point
A journey on the ropeway is by far the best way to enjoy a heart-satisfying panoramic view of Mt. Asahidake. It runs every 15 minutes, and you can enjoy a magnificent vista of the area's superb nature during the 10-minute 'sky journey' up towards the summit. Also, there are restaurants and shops at the ropeway station located at the foot of the mountain, and boot rentals are available at the Sancho Station.
Features of Asahidake Ropeway

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